Terms and conditions for Supervision and Consultancy

Aims of Supervision and Consultation:

To meet regularly with the purpose of reflecting on all dimensions of your Practice and clinical work with clients.

To develop a collaborative relationship in which your feel able to openly discuss your client work and your feelings about that work.

To work together to ensure the efficacy of the therapist/client relationship.

To promote and encourage your professional and personal growth.

To reflect on your own part in problems and blocks within the clinical work as well as your client’s part.


Code of Ethics  

We both agree to abide by and work in accordance with the relevant Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy relevant to your governing or accredited body.


We both agree to maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance throughout the life of our supervisory relationship.

Responsibility and Accountability  

Within this relationship we are jointly responsible for:

Negotiating, clarifying, and regularly reviewing our working relationship

Discussing any concerns that may arise from our work together.

Ensuring the best use of supervision time

Discussing arrangements for any sudden or unplanned ending to the work


I may sometimes discuss our consultation sessions with my own Consultant/Supervisor (I have both) but will not reveal identifiable information about you.

Consultations are confidential except where there are ethical concerns that we cannot resolve and we agree to seek advice from your training, work organisation or professional body about unresolved concerns about therapeutic practice.

What information is held about you and why?

As a member of BACP I commit to working to professional standards which require my keeping of accurate, relevant, and appropriate records including:

  • diary appointment details
  • anonymised case notes completed in session or shortly after
  • anonymised notes taken before, during or after supervision.
  • separately held personal contact details

Case notes are primarily kept as an aide memoire, a record of progress, for the purposes of supervision and to meet the requirements of my insurer.

All other information about privacy and data are contained within the GDPR and privacy statement and policy published on the website

You will receive this in statement form to sign on entry to the service.

Cancellation and Holidays.

Once a session is booked, the fee is payable for that session, unless you give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation. If possible, I will offer you an alternative time for a session you cannot attend in the same week.  If it is not possible or you cannot make the alternative time and have not given 48 hours notice, you will be charged for that session.

I need to be notified of holidays as early as you can so we are both aware of breaks in our work.  I will do the same and notify you of upcoming breaks in advance by email.

You do not pay if I cancel a session.


I accept payment weekly before each session via bank transfer. You will receive the bank details for payment in the confirmation email and the contract before your first session. I no longer accept cash or cheques.

I charge the agreed hourly fee for each hour or part of an hour attended, no-show, and cancelled or rescheduled session with less than 48 hours’ notice, and for watching of recordings outside session time.


You will be provided with a contract as part of the intake forms at the beginning of therapy stating all of the above that must be signed for us to begin our work.